Autumn Fun with Toddlers



This has to be my favourite time of year, I don’t care if it makes me a basic white girl, I love wandering around the woods collecting acorns and conkers and wearing scarves and cardigans and the shops are stocking their Christmas stuff and oooh – I just love it. I’m almost sorry that I don’t live in America where they really seem to enjoy Fall, with apple picking, pumpkin patches, hay-rides and corn mazes. Actually, how does apple picking work? Do you pick up the ones that have been kicking around on the ground for a while, or do you climb up a ladder and get them straight off the tree? I don’t much fancy either of those, I would probably give that a miss, but a hay-ride sounds amazing and I seriously wish we had things like that here.


But that’s not to say that Scottish Autumn doesn’t have any charm, and I’ve started making a list of all the things I want to try with the boy before winter is properly here.

Play board games – the dark nights are perfect for cosy family time, and I think it’s about time we expanded our repertoire beyond Pop-Up Pirate.

Collect Conkers – there is a poor solitary horse chestnut tree in a park nearby that is constantly battered this time of year by dads throwing sticks, trying to dislodge the conkers. I think we will go a little farther afield and try to find one in a more isolated place, where is isn’t providing conker fun for half the kids in town.

Collect Leaves and Make Prints – in warm Autumn colours. Would make good wrapping paper (thrifty and always thinking ahead, that’s me!) or just displayed as art.

Make a Leaf Crown – using this tutorial, and then take loads of super-cute pics for instagram (did I mention how much of a basic white girl I am?)

Make Conker Caterpillars – you have to see how cute these guys are, it will give us something to do with any conkers we find, and I just really like the alliterative sound of ‘conker caterpillars’.

Make Hedgehog Bread – like most of the UK we’ve recently started baking a lot more (cough Great British Bake Off cough) and this hedgehog shaped bread is next on our list. Look at the little raisin face! Adorable!

Make Our Own Play Dough  -I can’t believe the boy is three years old and we haven’t played with home-made play dough yet. There are plenty of recipes on-line like this one for dough scented with cinnamon and other autumn appropriate scents. Seems like good messy fun, and I can’t get enough of spicy smells, so this could be a win-win for both of us.

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